Tracksport starts GPS tracking activity in 2014 providing service for the biggest and most important orientation competitions in Bulgaria.
Today, we remain the main partner of Bulgarian Orienteering Federation (BOF) in the field of GPS tracking, having served the following major competitions:

• Junior World Orienteering Championship JWOC - 2014;
• 2018 European Skiing Orienteering Championships – all ages;
• European Orienteering Championship up to 18 years EYOC 2018;
• Cup of Bulgaria and many state orienteering competitions for the past 5 years.

Gradually, the scope of sports is expanding, including various types of running, cycling, cross-country skiing, radio-navigation and more.
We have provided GPS tracking for a number of interesting races:

Krali Marko ultra in Macedonia;
WHITE Roller Bundle;
Belasica Run, Canyon Crick, Brutus Run, Tryavna Ultra, Persenk Ultra, Black Sea Marathon;

Since the end of 2017, we have been developing and offering our services in the field of time measurement during competitions.
Our advantage over similar systems on the market is our ability to provide many intermediate controls (splitters) and, in addition, GPS tracking that greatly enhances the attractiveness of the event.
For this short time alone on the market we did time measurement at the following more important races:

• Canyon Cricket 2017;
• Mountain Marathon Sliven 2018;
• Mega Enduro 2018;
• Victoria Run 2018;
• Green Mast 2018;
• Lovech fortress 2018;

In February 2019, we were an independent team for time measurement and GPS tracking of Bozhidar Antonov's winter Kom-Emine - Kom - Emine run record of Homo Ludens.
Together with Irun in 2018. we did time measurement for some of the biggest ultra-runs in Bulgaria:

• Tryavna Ultra;